When to See an Orthodontist in Fort Collins, CO

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An orthodontist is a dentist that obtained an additional two to three years of education to specialize in correction of teeth irregularities.  Sometimes these irregularities are obvious, such as teeth either too crowded or especially spaced apart.  In other instances, the issues may be less severe or simply less visible.  That is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that everyone be examined by an orthodontist by seven years of age.  Generally, many of your permanent teeth will be in place by your seventh birthday.  If not, there may be some developmental issue requiring intervention.  Though it’s unlikely any treatment would be advised at that young age, there is a possibility of the doctor being able to identify the early stages of an irregularity that would become a much greater obstacle down the road.

Check your insurance provider directory to find potential orthodontists in your area.  Your general dentist will be able to offer references and share professional information about any orthodontist he recommends.  Enlist advice of neighbours and friends who live near you.  If your child is the patient, request suggestions from teachers and parent groups you’re involved in or have ties to.  You can also contact a nearby dental school and ask which local practitioners they recommend.

Ask a few basic questions to determine which office is right for you or your child, such as: How long has the practice been open?  Do they keep current with new advances in orthodontics?  Are proper sterilization methods used to ensure patient safety?  Do they provide a soothing environment and address questions and concerns in a concise manner?  (This question is especially important if you’re shopping for your child!)  What payment options are available?

Ward Orthodontics Dr. Jared Ward, DMD, MS and his staff, located at 2720 Council Tree Ave., Suite 266 in Fort Collins, would be happy to answer these and any other questions you might have, and all initial consultations and x-rays at Ward Orthodontics are complementary!  He is passionate about orthodontics, and enjoys using his skills and training to help families in Northern Colorado.  He grew up in Ft. Collins and cares deeply for the community.  He treats each patient like family, and utilizes only the most advanced technologies and orthodontic methods to create custom treatments.  As a father, he wants only the best for his children, and he extends this level of care to each and every patient who comes to see him. 

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When to See an Orthodontist in Fort Collins, CO

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When to See an Orthodontist in Fort Collins, CO

This article was published on 2011/11/02