Braces in Fort Collins, CO – Flossing is Fun!

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You’re sporting your fancy new braces and ready to show them off. Thank goodness they don’t require any upkeep. Wrong! Considering the time and finances invested, you want to make sure they receive proper daily attention. Here’s what you can do to protect that investment.

First, in addition to your orthodontic treatment plan, you should also continue visiting your general dentist at least once every six months.  He or she may even recommend more frequent visits while you wear braces.

Braces themselves will not leave a visible stamp on your teeth.  Plaque not properly removed from around the braces, however, can cause decalcification (appearing as white spots on the teeth).  Thus, an effective brushing technique is a vital step in your maintenance regimen.  Be sure to apply the brush towards the brace from every angle.  Only brush a couple teeth at a time to ensure that you apply the brush to every area, but do so gently as overly forceful efforts can damage your gums.  Braces also tend to trap food so it would be wise to make a point of brushing after each meal or snack.  

The process of flossing will be more involved and will require more of your time but must be performed as it allows access to material stuck between the teeth and under the gums that your toothbrush simply cannot loosen.  As a portion of the space you’re trying to reach may be blocked by your braces, you may utilize a floss threaded (exactly what it sounds like) or super floss, a thicker floss with stiff ends for easier insertion (and a superhero name!).  Practice makes perfect, so don’t get frustrated and stop working at it!  With time, you will get faster and any bleeding or redness and irritation in the gums will lessen.  Remember that a healthier, more beautiful smile is the payoff!

With and without braces, clinical studies have shown that regular use of mouthwash helps prevent gingivitis, so this would be an icing-on-the-cake addition to your routine.  While the American Dental Association (ADA) does not yet formally recommend using mouthwash, there are many rinses on the market awarded the official ADA stamp of approval.

Dr. Jared Ward, DMD, MS and his staff, located at 2720 Council Tree Ave., Suite 266 in Fort Collins, would be happy to discuss these oral hygiene techniques and any questions or concerns you might have.  He is passionate about orthodontics, and enjoys using his skills and training to help families in Northern Colorado.  He grew in Fort Collins and cares deeply for the community.  He treats each patient like family, and utilizes only the most advanced technologies and orthodontic methods to create custom treatments.  As a father, he wants only the best for his children, and he extends this level of care to each and every patient who comes to see him. 

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Braces in Fort Collins, CO – Flossing is Fun!

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Braces in Fort Collins, CO – Flossing is Fun!

This article was published on 2011/11/02